“Having attended both her Circuits and Pilates classes, I am confident in saying that Pui Lee is one of the most competent and knowledgeable exercise professionals I’ve ever met.

The combination of good atmosphere and expert instruction enabled me and others I know, to increase their overall fitness in terms of agility, strength, flexibility, sporting performance and health and wellbeing. I highly recommend Pui to any prospective employer who is looking for a high value exercise professional to add to their team.”

Iain Anderson–Young, London. (Class participant)


“It had been some years since I last attended any sort of exercise class when Pui approached me at work and asked if I’d be interested in joining her new Pilates class. I asked what it would be like and she briefly explained all the benefits and how the class would be suitable for total beginners.

I went along and was impressed by her professional approach; she obviously knew what she was talking about and guided us through the exercises, techniques and benefits of Pilates. The session was also complimented by soft calming music which created the right atmosphere for the session.

I will be definitely be a regular at Pui’s class - she is such a pleasant girl that puts you at ease yet makes sure you fully understand the principles of Pilates and with her encouragement I could see and feel the improvement in just 3 weeks!”

Ellie Slack, Carlisle. (Pilates Class participant)


“Pui's fitness classes command great respect. With just a hired room or a stretch of grass in warmer weather, she was able to organise structured sessions - one on one or with a small group…The sessions were always varied and coherent, ranging from lengthy runs to full-blown circuit training, and of course, important and professional stretching at intervals throughout the sessions' duration.

Overall, I learned a lot from Pui by attending her sessions. I always felt worked after we had finished, and I did lose weight which was the aim. The things she taught me were not too complex for me to practise in my own time, and, if anything they gave me the initiative to do my own little workouts in between my sessions with Pui.”

David Wyllie, Hull. (PT Client)


“I have been training in Taekwon-Do for about 4 ½ years now, and have known Miss Pui Lee for about 3 years.  In that time, she has instructed and helped during the training sessions, bringing her own ideas in physical fitness and stretching methods into the classes. Miss Pui Lee has an inner strength and strong abilities and expectations in her own fitness and will help and guide any student. Her knowledge is a great strength along with her awareness of each student's capabilities. No matter what disabilities or weaknesses they might have, she can help them achieve their goal, whether it is to gain their Black Belt or be more fit. Miss Pui Lee’s confidence in her instructions comes across and at the end of the lesson you have achieved more towards your own personal goal, and end up back next week for more.”

Helen Goldsmith, Gateshead (Class participant)


“As a regular attendee of Pui’s Circuit Training Session, I would say that she is very competent in what she does.

Her high level of fitness means that she can help out people who are struggling or push those who are taking it too easy, no matter what level of fitness they are.

She also makes the sessions more bearable by being friendly and having a laugh with the people that go to them.

I would recommend her for any sort of fitness program as I think she would be able to run it with ease.”

Andrew Thompson, Leeds. (Circuits Class participant)


"I'd never tried Pilates before going to Pui Lee's class, so I didn't really know what to expect. I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the classes; every week was different and you were encouraged to push yourself as much as possible while also being able to work at your own level.
I felt calm and relaxed after every class, but also like I'd had a decent workout. After only a few weeks I felt more toned and could see and feel a difference in my arms and abs. I was also walking taller, stronger and more confidently as a result of engaging my core muscles during classes.
I would recommend the classes to anyone
looking to tone up and improve their strength and flexibility in a relaxing and unique workout! If I'm back over in Carlisle, then I'll definitely be as your classes! I really enjoyed them and you are a great teacher! Thank you, all the best!"

Corinn Lyttle, Ireland. (Pilates/Stretch 'n' Tone class participant)


“I thoroughly enjoyed the circuits fitness class which you have running on a Friday in Newcastle. I felt as though all of my muscles were worked – a thorough complete whole body work out including my heart and lungs.

I found your instructions easy to follow. If I was confused at an exercise station about what I was required to do, then you would help me out and explain with a smile and encouragement!

The workouts you gave in between the stations (when your whole class listened to you give instructions), I liked very much. This made the circuit training more stimulating for me.

The fact that I felt that I could work at my own pace too was a bonus. I could push myself if I wanted to or take a ‘breather’. There was no pressure to perform. Due to this fact, and your inspiration, I feel motivated to carry on and attend more of your classes indefinitely.

The music, also, was very uplifting and kept me going! I had great fun! I look forward to your next class. Thank you Pui.”

Jill Summers, Gateshead. (Class participant).